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Homemade party decorations – <br>6 simple ideas for every party</br>
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Homemade party decorations –
6 simple ideas for every party

Die kleine Botin, 01/13/2020

Kids love parties – whether it’s their own birthday or they invite their best friends over to play. There is always a reason to have fun together!
Party decorations tend to be gaudily coloured and not exactly cheap – make them yourself!


Coloured paper, old magazines and leaflets are perfect for quickly and cheaply making your own confetti.
A normal office hole punch is perfect for this. Fold the paper four or five times and start punching out confetti!


Eco-tip: in autumn, this works great using dry, colourful leaves!


Triangular or square pennant bunting can be quickly made out of an old book. Cut the pages to any size and paint, label or stamp them as desired and then stick them to a wool thread.
If you prefer more soft pennant bunting, you can stick round adhesive labels to a wool thread.
Scraps of wool are perfect for making tassels.
Simply wrap the wool around your hand about 20 to 30 times, remove carefully and tie at the top. Cut the tassel at the bottom and trim a little.

Fan-shaped stars

Waste paper and colourful motif paper are perfect for quickly folding fan-shaped stars. Fold the paper (at least A4) like an accordion and tie in the middle. Tie two “accordions” together and hang them up.

Giveaway bags

Simple sandwich bags or paper bags with patterns can be labelled with the names of the children. This makes a very personal impression, with each name being drawn letter by letter with lots of love.

Pick your own flowers

Get some fresh air before the party starts!
Bring along some colourful flowers from the meadow – they make for an especially beautiful table decoration. You can also make flower wreaths at the party if you prefer.

Fantasy branches

A few simple, bare branches are perfect: with the help of pompoms or a little felt, you can make fabulous, colourful and cool decorative elements that are perfectly suited to the theme of the party.
If you want to make real pendants, each child can take their pendant home as a souvenir.

Die kleine Botin
Die kleine Botin
Daniela’s blog,, has been all about family since she started it in 2012. The focus is on topics such as DIY, sustainability in action and mindful parenting. In addition to simple recipes and practical leisure tips, readers can always take a look at on-trend products and interesting posts too.
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