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Kasperl visits the WEBERZEILE

Every 1st Monday of the month at 3:00 and 4:30 pm.

Aktuelle Termine:

Monday 3 February
“Where are the carnival doughnuts?”

Kasperl loves to eat carnival doughnuts and Uncle Gust wants to bake some for him. When the first doughnuts are ready, Kasperl puts them on the windowsill. Suddenly some of them disappear from the face of the earth.

Monday 2 March
“Kasperl and the Environment Devil”

Kasperl goes into town to do some shopping. He notices that there’s dirt and rubbish all over the streets. Who could have done this?

Monday 6 April
“Kasperl and the Lost Easter Eggs”

Unfortunately, Kasperl’s grandmother cannot come to visit at Easter, so she sends Kasperl a package in the post. When he goes to pick up the package, it is suddenly gone.

Monday 4 May
“Kasperl and the Sniffy King”

King Shiverbeard has a terrible cold and keeps sniffing. Nothing he tries to cure his cold is working. Only Kasperl can help him get a “medicine”!

Monday 8 June
“Kasperl does a Treasure Hunt”

When cleaning up, Kasperl finds a piece of paper in the cellar. When he looks at it more closely, he realises that it must be a treasure map. Where is the treasure hidden?

Monday 6 July
“Kasperl is on the case”

Kasperl and Sepperl go shopping in the city. Kasperl has left his purse at home and goes it fetch it quickly. When he comes back, Sepperl has disappeared from the face of the earth.

Monday 3 August
“Kasperl and the crocodile”

Kasperl gets unexpected visitors. A crocodile that likes to eat sweets, but too much snacking is not healthy and so the crocodile gets toothache.

Monday 7 September
“Kasperl and the Vegetable Theft”

In grandma’s garden, everything grows healthily. Kasperl has a lot of work to do to water everything. How did the vegetables suddenly disappear?

Monday 5 October
“Kasperl and the Castle Ghost”

Kasperl and Sepperl go on a hiking trip. When they’re not looking, Sepperl’s snack disappears. The bread thief, a mole, tells them of a ghost that is said to haunt the castle.

Monday 2 November
“Kasperl and the Stinky Sock”

Kasperl helps grandma with the housework. When he goes to put away the laundry, it suddenly goes crazy. Has the witch been meddling here?

Monday 7 December
“Kasperl and the Christmas List”

Kasperl has not finished writing his Christmas list. Wastl the dog and he take it to the Christmas list letter box in the city. But what’s wrong with the letter box?

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