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3 children’s books<br>you should have on your shelf</br>
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3 children’s books
you should have on your shelf

Die kleine Botin, 01/13/2020

Most children enjoy looking at books, to be read to and then discovering the books and reading them on their own once they start going to school! This love of books should definitely be supported.
Three of the most beautiful children’s books are presented below

Little I am Me
(original title: “Das kleine Ich bin Ich”),
published by Jungbrunnen

The children’s book classic by Mira Lobe is a must for the shelf of any children’s room. Children from about 3 years of age and up already enjoy listening to the beautiful rhymes.
The little I am me is on an identity quest after a frog in the meadow asks who he is. Unable to answer the question, he asks many animals that he comes across.
The actual insight finally comes to him on its own: “I am me.”
Published in 1972, the book is often found in kindergartens and helps young children to recognise and appreciate their own identity and “colourfulness”.
The book also includes instructions for crafting your own little “I am me” – a little companion and soft friend for cuddling made of leftover fabric and cotton.

Everything about the Fire Brigade
(original title: “Alles über die Feuerwehr”)
from the “WiesoWeshalbWarum” series,
published by Ravensburger

Children are fascinated by fire engines – like all emergency vehicles – and the world of rescue teams is exciting to discover and read aloud.
As with all books in the well-known WWW series from the Ravensburger publishing house, children learn a lot about the subject. The sturdy non-fiction books are recommended for children from about 4 years of age and up.
Small flaps, sliders and windows that open on the sturdy cardboard pages make the reading experience even more interesting. Short texts and informative passages with real, true-to-life facts and beautiful, detailed illustrations make reading, reading aloud and viewing fun.

Waste – Everything about
the Most Annoying Thing in the World
(original title: “Müll – Alles über
die lästigste Sache der Welt”),
published by Beltz und Gelberg

A brand new and hot-off-the-press book on waste informs the whole family about the subject of waste and environmental pollution in an understandable manner. Relevant topics such as wastage, waste separation, hazardous waste and recycling are clearly explained. Despite the highly complex subject matter, the book gets by with very little text and captivates with wonderful, insightful illustrations.
The future of our world depends largely on how we deal with waste and whether we manage to produce less of it: This makes it all the more important to boost awareness – starting with preschool children – of what we can do without and what we can reuse. Waste affects us all in the family.

Die kleine Botin
Die kleine Botin
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