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Our favourite toys

Our favourite toys

Mother’s finest, 02/06/2020

What do you give as a birthday present and which toys really make sense and can be passed on from child to child? We swear by the classics, such as dolls, beautiful wooden toys, a children’s kitchen or the grocery store. Here creativity is encouraged, and playing together and interaction between children or parents and child is supported. The nice thing about it is that, as we have seen, you can enjoy them for many years. These are the favourite toys that we have had for a really long time and that my daughter loves to play with:

Wooden toys

Hardy, durable and sustainable – these are only a few of the advantages of wooden toys. We also love toys that are versatile. Such a universal genius is for example a colourful rainbow made of wood. It not only looks decorative and adorns every children’s room shelf, you can also use it as a fence for animals or as a house for Playmobil figures, or put it up to form a high tower, you can take it apart and put it back together again, there are no limits to your imagination.


Different dolls – baby dolls as well as cloth dolls – with doll’s pram, doll’s bed and a baby carrier belong in every children’s room. They are cared for, fed, wrapped up, their nappies and clothes are changed and they are carried around. Not just for girls! My boys also played with dolls and this should be encouraged!

Children’s kitchen


The classic in the children’s room and a hit with us for years. Here my daughter cooks pasta and serves coffee, and I love to provide the appropriate equipment. There is a growing range of crockery, pots and fun accessories for little master chefs. Those who want can enhance the kitchen and give it an individual touch! I replaced the handles in our children’s kitchen with ones from Ikea and gave it a new look with bright colours.

Grocery store

My daughter loves her combination of kitchen, ice cream parlour and grocery store. There she can play coffee house, restaurant and supermarket. Pastries, fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, and also cakes, biscuits and macaroons are sold there. We always have to go shopping on the weekend, we pay at the cash register.

Mother’s finest
Mother’s finest
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